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Mary's Reflexology & Trinity Healing

Mary’s Reflexology & Trinity Healing

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Reflexology Certification Course 

June 2018 (exact date to be announced)

This course will be a complete course in Foot Reflexology, It's Theory, history, zones, Meridians, relaxation response, body systems as related to reflexology; study of the structure of the foot and leg; hands on palpation of reflexes and sensory identification of palpated areas; map of the reflexes (reflex chart) as they are anatomically reflected on the feet; how the body is affected by working the reflexes and hands-on experience. Anatomy and Physiology of the body systems as they relate to the body and respond to reflexology; business practices, covering ethics, standards and state/local laws; ordinances pertaining to the practice of reflexology and supervised clinical work; giving and documenting client sessions, and other written work assigned as independent study.  

Instructor: Mary Sullivan-Filippi,NBCR

Cost and schedule : TBA 

Course Time: 200 Hrs 

 Reiki Level 1 and 2

Energy is the key to creativity. Energy is the key to life. 

~ William Shatner

Please contact Julie Rainwater for schedule and fee. 

email - [email protected]

UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY ~ you have it, I have it, all living things have it!  Learn about this energy - how it flows through you, how to increase it in yourself, and how to channel it to others.  Learn the Usui style of Reiki with supporting information from various sources, and some present-time updates.  This is truly valuable and useful stuff that I think EVERYONE should learn. Taught by master teacher Julie Rainwater.

Reiki Level 1 teaches you basic energy anatomy, the foundation of the Reiki system, how to give yourself a treatment and how to give treatment to others.

Reiki Level 2 increases your ability to channel ULFE.  You are given tools to focus on specific aspects of the energy.  You are taught to do remote treatments.

Cost:  $400 for both levels, $200 for Level 1 only, $300 for Level 2 only, $50 to audit the class (returning students)

Human Energy Exploration - 

A choice course for your energy needs

6-week course held Thursdays from 6 to 8 pm.

Sept. 14 & 28, Oct. 12 & 26, Nov. 9 & 30

A variety of topics will be covered in this dynamic and educational course.  Workbooks are provided, activities are included.  Developed and taught by master teacher, Julie Rainwater.

  1. Human Energy Anatomy, 
  2. Styles of Energy Work, 
  3. Scanning and Assessing the Energy Bodies, 
  4. The Flow of an Energy Session, 
  5. Supporting a Session through Ancillary Means, 
  6. Documentation, Evaluation and Follow-up


Space is limited so be sure to secure your spot early.

$100 per module (pick and choose the ones you want) OR

$400 for the 6-module course (a $200 savings)

Infant/Child Reflexology Classes/Course

Class #1 "Basic Reflexes"

Class #2 "System specific"

Class #3 "Relaxation Techniques"

Class #4 "Overview"

*Classes may be taken individually, as a course or with a group. 

These classes will consist of teaching you how to perform reflexology on your infant/child 

FREE CLASS Essential Oils

1 hour classes
Call to book 903.941.6172 

  "Oils & supporting immune system naturally"
  "Essential oils 101"
  "Beyond Oils"
  "Oiled Before Birth"
  "Cleansing our bodies with essential oils"