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Our Mission

Mary’s Reflexology & Trinity Healing is centered on healing the mind, body, and spirit using alternative natural healing modalities and nutrition. We believe in the healing power of touch, and that the path for true health is through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth, as well as through the love and greater good of all mankind. We look forward to serving you!!

Your Path Towards Health and Happiness

Achieve your body’s balance attain peace of mind with help from Mary’s Reflexology & Trinity Healing in Tyler, TX and Lindale, TX. We offer a diverse range of holistic health solutions that include Reflexology, Biofeedback Sound Therapy, Reiki, EFT, Hypno Therapy, Medical Grade Foot Detox Baths, Tuning fork sound Therapy, Cromatic Color Light Therapy & Cupping Therapy.

Our certified professionals will help you find relief from physical, mental, and emotional stress. With our expertise in these different modalities, you can trust that your well-being will be effectively enhanced.

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