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Mary's Reflexology & Trinity Healing

Mary’s Reflexology & Trinity Healing

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Our Team of Reliable Holistic Facilitators 

Mary’s Reflexology & Trinity Healing is composed of specialists who are knowledgeable and experience in providing holistic modalities to clients in Tyler, TX. We are dedicated to offering only the best possible holistic services and whole-health products.

Mary Filippi, NBCR

Owner of Mary’s Reflexology & Trinity Healing, she has more than five years of experience in reflexology. She also trained with Nurse and 13-year Reflexologist Lynn Grey in New York, where she received her foot certification in 2012 and then board certification through American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) in 2013. Also trained in Atlanta/New York with Ko-Tan; world-renowned massage therapist and reflexologist. With Ko-Tan’s training, she received certification for ears, hands, and face reflexology in 2013. She is trained in non-surgical inch loss, full spectrum sauna treatments, and certified in optimum foot bath treatments and massage cupping Therapy. She is well-versed in her field and dedicated to her work and clients with a mission of improving fellow human beings’ overall health for the greater good of all mankind.

Mary is the mother of 5 sons, enjoys volunteer work, cooking, baking and many outside activities.  

  • Nationally Board-Certified Reflexologist
  • Aroma Touch Therpist
  • Massage Cupping Therapy Facilitator
  • Certified foot detox facilitator 
  • Certified Far infrared sauna facilitator
  • Ear Candling facilitatior
  • DoTerra Essential oil distributor - (click) 
  • Young Living Essential oil distributor - contact me @ 903.941.6172 
  • Quantum EMRO health distributor -(click)

        Mary Filippi, Owner

Julie Rainwater

Reiki Master/ Educator

As an energy worker with 15 years of experience, Julie Rainwater brings a variety of skills and techniques to the table. She is a Reiki Master in several styles of Reiki including Usui, Karuna and Shamballa. She also has training in Galactic Healing, Healing Touch and Shamanic practices. With a variety of tools in her tool bag, she provides a unique approach and delivery to clients. Additionally, she is a Texas certified teacher, artist, budding author and consciousness advocate. She holds classes, gatherings and offers private tutoring. Julie is a heart-centered person who cares deeply for her clients and colleagues.

Julie is instructing several classes with us as well as taking approved appointments for Reiki.

Please see our Wellness living site for schedule on classes by downloading the "achieve app" or on our Home page through our "Schedule Appointment" button.

Benay Behnke,CVRT
Benay Behnke is a certified Vibrational Raindrop Specialist & Practitioner.  This therapeutic massage uses tuning forks and essential oils applied up and down the spine and the bottoms of the feet to promote change within the mind and body.  She offers Swedish massage also.  

Benay is the author of Think Well Live Well Now and is dedicated to bringing people a greater understanding of their psychological thought connections, empowering them to make transformational changes in their lives.  

Sharon Clay 

Young Living Essential Oils Instructor

Sharon has been an educator and user of essential oils for 5+ years. She has experienced first hand the benefits of the vibrational application that supports the mind, body & spirit of her family, friends, clients and pets!! 

Ja'na Zabaneh 

Gayanthri Kambhampati

Heartfulness meditation instructor for 20 yrs

Email - meditate.tyler@gmail.com

You may also access info for Gayanthri or Heartfulness Meditation @



As our meditation unfolds in our heart, we experience our awareness expanding. There is an inner vastness. Without the weight of our thoughts and feelings holding our attention, heartfulness is allowing our awareness to expand in heart essence.

“Brilliant surprises are always wanting for your discovery—they are hidden where you don’t normally look. When you embrace yourself wholly, your heart begins to reveal what your eyes fail to see.” 

 Carolyn M. Greenleaf